Red Nose Day 2015: Planning & Fundraising

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Red is often considered to be the colour of danger, but on the 13th March 2015 it will mean generosity, frivolity and bathtubs full of baked beans. A serious and worthwhile cause is the driving factor behind all the fun, which sees the nation unite for a day’s charity fundraising. In the evening the UK’s finest entertainers will take the baton and continue the effort live on BBC One.

Since 1985 the British people have dropped their stiff upper lips and worn a red nose for a single day, so if you’ve always been an observer then why not get fully involved this year?


Be Prepared


A little bit of preparation will ensure the day runs smoothly and will help you reach your fundraising goal.

Pre-order a fundraising kit
Organise fundraising activities

Arrange sponsorship
Inform colleagues/pupils of your plans
Sell official red nose day products – noses, t-shirts, etc.


Sponsorship – Simple Ideas


You don’t have to hop to the top of the Himalayas in order to fund-raise!

Shave your head or dye your hair
Give up something you love – mobile phone, television, etc.
Cycle to work
Swear box
Sponsored silence
Wax your hairiest body parts

In 2013 Jessie J showed that on occasions the simplest of ideas can attract the most attention. Lenny Henry’s trademark booming chuckle filled our living rooms as he played the military barber and left Jessie with a crew cut. Involving well-known figures in your workplace or school will drum up some interest around the event, so why not convince your managers/teachers to be publicly shaved or waxed?


Sponsorship – Big Ideas


Larger challenges can really capture people’s attention, which will allow you to set an ambitious fundraising target.

Sporting challenge – swim, cycle, row or run
24-hour challenge – paint, dance or do something crazy for a full day

Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole were among the nine celebs who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and raised over £3 million in 2009. Tanzania may be out of most people’s budgets, but your own landscape will offer plenty of challenges. So why not conquer the Thames or a Scottish mountain?


Host an activity


Involving all of your colleagues can really see the donations roll in.

Bake sale
Clothes sale
Fancy dress
Talent show
Dance competition
Adult’s sport day

In 2013 Giles Dempsey took Comic Relief fancy dress to another level by wearing a different outfit every day for 25 days. We’re obviously big fans of fancy dress at Escapade, so if you want some inspiration for Comic Relief then you might be interested in our Red Nose Day section. The ‘People’s Strictly’ will run in the build up to Comic Relief 2015, so expect to see school pupils across the country foxtrot their way to a fundraising target.


Sell a Service


If you have a sell-able skill then a charity day is a simple yet effective way to raise funds.

Photo shoot
Beauty treatment
Coaching – sports, music, etc.

In 2013 David Gandy – one of the world’s top models – decided to auction a date with himself. His immaculate cheekbones are normally used to promote global brands, but for Comic Relief he listed himself on eBay. If you regularly have clients or are still a student then offering your skills for free is a great way to fundraise.


Happy fundraising!

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