20 Mar 2015

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Solar Eclipse 2015

The solar Eclipse is upon us! This rare phenomenon, in which the sun is entirely obscured by the moon, is set to take place this Friday… Don’t be left out in the dark!

21 Oct 2014

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Top 5 Vampire Deaths on Film

Who doesn’t love a good vampire flick? That’s a given, but what about the best ever deaths of vampires themselves committed to the big screen? We took a moment to nail down our Top 5!

11 May 2011

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Lindsay Lohan dresses as a scary vampire

Read celebrity news as you browse for Halloween fancy dress with Escapade

Lindsay Lohan seems to have noticed that everything vampire-related is big news at the moment – so she decided to dress as one herself for a new photoshoot.

The actress teamed up with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields and Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino to create the shots, which will form part of a Life Is Not a Fairytale exhibition in Los Angeles.

She can be seen looking sultry and brandishing a stake in some of the snaps, while in others she stares into the camera

27 Oct 2010

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Fake blood ‘is essential for Halloween fancy dress’

Fake blood and realistic makeup is essential for anyone who intends to take their Halloween fancy dress seriously.

Jenn Malone, who now works as a makeup artist in Toronto, told the Brock Press that applying your scary cosmetics properly can mean the difference between turning into a sticky mess before midnight and being the most impressive attendee at your party.

She pointed out that if your fake nose is dropping off and you can see through the blood or whatever you've used, you aren't doing it right.

Jenn recommended that at the very

05 Oct 2010

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26 days until Halloween fancy dress – Time to send out your invites!

Now you’ve sorted out your Halloween fancy dress costumes and they should be winging their way to you, now’s the perfect time to turn your attention towards party invites.

If you want your bash to go down with a bang (or a ghostly howl), then you’ve got to let people know that you’re having one, as well as where and what time.

Although you can buy standard invitations, it could be great fun to make your own, as you can coordinate them with yours and your children’s costumes – for example, put fangs and blood on them if

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