14 Oct 2016

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The Best TV Shows and Films to Watch This Halloween

October is officially a month of Halloween for us! We don’t wait until the 31st of October to celebrate. Neither should you! Get your spook on early with our suggested top films and TV shows to watch this Halloween!

03 Aug 2011

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Uproar erupts on Twitter over Paul Daniels’ Sooty-related injury

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All kinds of rumours set off on Twitter today (August 3rd 2011) when it was reported that Paul Daniels had been rushed to hospital after being injured by Sooty the puppet.

The Sun was the first to tell the story, explaining that Daniels had been filming a TV show with the little yellow bear when the accident occurred.

Sooty had to throw a pizza at the magician, but he apparently didn't know his own strength and flung the doughy creation right in his face, hard.

According to

14 Jun 2011

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Reliant three-wheeler the safest car on the road, study finds

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When you think of what might be the safest car on the roads today, the humble three-wheeled Robin Reliant is perhaps nowhere to be seen.

However, a new study by Confused.com says that motorists lucky enough to have the vehicle are actually the least likely to be involved in an accident.

According to the website's figures, the last five years have seen fewer than one in every 100 drivers of the Robin Reliant end up in a collision.

In comparison, Lexus

09 Jun 2011

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Glasto organiser: Booking the Wombles was a mistake

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One of the organisers of Glastonbury has upset the creator of the Wombles band by admitting they shouldn't ever have been booked for the festival.

The Wombles will play the Avalon Stage at the event later this month, something which is sure to delight fans of retro kids' TV.

Speaking to BBC News, Michael Eavis said he has about 25 people sorting out the music acts – one of whom apparently has a sense of humour.

"I can't control every single one of them

05 May 2011

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Doctor Who spin-off ends after death of actress

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The BBC has confirmed that it will not be making any more episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures following the death of Elisabeth Sladen last month.

The 63-year-old had been appearing in the Doctor Who spin-off for the corporation's children's channel, but she recently lost her battle with cancer.

"As a tribute to Elisabeth the six episodes that were recorded with her last year will be broadcast on CBBC at a date to be confirmed," a spokesperson