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Many people are asking themselves, why did Batman pick a fight with Superman? Of all the people he could have chosen, he decided to go head to head with The Man of Steel! Believe us or not, we actually found Batman’s diary with a list of his rivals, which could potentially be movies to expect within the next few years.

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Henry Cavill has revealed he is really enjoying wearing Superman fancy dress to shoot the new movie.

The Brit told Total Film magazine the famous suit – which is more toned-down than the classic one we remember thanks to more modern-looking material – is "extremely cool".

"They just put it on, I turned around and looked in the mirror and you can't play it cool – you sort of laugh," he commented.

However, Cavill has had to really bulk up to play


Actor Henry Cavill has been revealed as the next man to don superhero fancy dress for a comic book movie adaptation.

The star – who viewers may recognise as Henry VIII's advisor in The Tudors – will sport the famous Superman costume to appear in the latest instalment of the film franchise, which is set to begin shooting soon.

It had been rumoured that a variety of different actors were to be given the role, from Mad Men's Jon Hamm to household


It may be one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies of the year, but one of the stars of Tron: Legacy has suggested its film fancy dress budget may not have been that high.

Olivia Wilde, who is to play Quorra in the sci-fi story, told ContactMusic.com she was forbidden from putting or losing weight after her costume fitting – because she was only getting one.

"There was a certain dedication to the suit, a relationship that we had to have with our suits, both good and bad," she commented.

Luckily, the actress managed to get through


An elderly lady wearing superhero fancy dress has become an internet sensation after her grandson posted the pictures on the internet.

Frederika Goldberger, 91, had been feeling a little down, so Sacha Goldberger from Paris persuaded her to put on a load of costumes and pose for photographs.

Although she refused at first, she eventually agreed and now there are thousands of snaps of the gran in various lycra outfits.

She now has more than 2,200 MySpace followers and has become a major talking point.

Sacha explained that he came up with the