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When George Lucas dreamt up the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars, he probably wasn't thinking about whether or not it would really be able to support life.

However, he may have been more scientifically correct than he realised, according to Jack O'Malley, a PhD student at the University of St Andrews.

He has carried out research and found that a planet with two or more suns may indeed be able to house life, as there would be multiple energy sources to drive

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The man who made the Stormtrooper costumes for Star Wars is facing George Lucas' empire in the Supreme Court in an epic battle, not over the freedom of the galaxy, but over copyright.

Briton Andrew Ainsworth made the white helmets seen in the original movies from 2D drawings and sold two of them at auction in 2004. However, problems arose when he began making replicas himself and selling them on the internet.

Although he insists he

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People heading to Ireland could rummage through their collection of fun fancy dress for a pre-festival warm-up in Dublin on April Fools this year.

Anyone who is getting excited about the upcoming Sibin Festival in Dublin at the end of April is in for a treat as there will be a taster for the live music gig on April 1st 2011 at Sweeneys.

Fans of indie music can embrace their creative sides for the event as it's a special fancy dress night.

This means there's no better reason to take out <a


Three movie fans have been showing off their Star Wars fancy dress at a museum exhibition in California.

Daniel Nichols and pals Hannah and James Littier made their way to Turtle Bay in Redding, California in order to visit a display entitled Out Of This World: Extraordinary Costumes, KRCTV.com reports.

Featuring more than 40 models, outfits and props from classic films such as Tron, Terminator and Blade Runner, the exhibition aims to show people how good designs can help to create iconic characters that really stick in people's minds.


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An authentic Star Wars fancy dress costume is expected to raise a fortune when it goes up for auction later this month.

The Darth Vader outfit, which is thought to be the one worn by James Earl Jones in The Empire Strikes Back, is being sold by an anonymous American collector at Christie's.

According to expert estimates, it could pull in as much as £230,000 as fans and sci-fi enthusiasts clamour to get their hands on a piece of movie

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