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2012 among other, and slightly more important, things is the year of the blockbuster superhero film. With The Avenger’s already amassing a bank bailing $1.4bn on their way to becoming the third highest grossing film in the history of cinema (Number 1, Avatar, Number 2, Titanic). The reboot of the Spider-Man franchise whilst, guaranteed to have an audience, was not expected to get near these figures.

However, ahead of the films main release in the US and the UK on July 3rd early indicators are suggesting that the spidey franchise facelift could surpass the collective power of all of the Avengers in the box office.

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We are very excited about the release of the latest instalment in the Spider-Man saga at Escapade and we have a fantastic new range of Spider-Man fancy dress costumes to celebrate Mark Webb’s re-imagining of one of our favourite comic book superheroes.

The Amazing-Spider-Man sees actor Andrew Garfield fill Tobey MaGuire’s boots in the title role as the Spider-Man film series gets a reboot. Garfield will be playing Peter Parker and the plot of the film revolves around his experiences in high school as he tries to win the heart of crush Gwen Stacy whilst uncovering his past and ultimately becomes Spider-Man.

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Fans are no doubt getting excited about the forthcoming new Spiderman movie after pictures were released from the film set.

Rhys Ifans has been spotted wearing a navy mac and a blue mask, presumably to hide his alter ego of The Lizard from onlookers, while Andrew Garfield was also seen dressed in geeky schoolboy attire as a young Peter Parker.

Meanwhile, comic book enthusiasts may be pleased to know that Stan Lee – the creator of Spidey – has a cameo in the new


Pop star Ricky Martin has revealed he takes children's fancy dress seriously when it comes to his twin sons.

In an interview with Billboard.com, he explained that he likes having to think about what outfits to lay out for Matteo and Valentino, who were born via a surrogate in 2008.

"I love dressing them up every morning and working on their looks. If there's some paparazzi photo around that shows them poorly dressed, it wasn't me!" he laughed.

Martin – who came out as gay through his website last year – is due to release a new