29 Jun 2010

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Leonardo DiCaprio to wear sexy fancy dress?

He’s worn gangster fancy dress in Gangs of New York and a range of other historical costumes, but thus far, we haven’t seen Leonardo DiCaprio dressed as a woman.

However, this might change soon, as the actor is in talks with Clint Eastwood to play J Edgar Hoover in a new movie biopic.

Speaking to E Online, the actor explained that the founding director of the FBI was involved in some of America’s most scandalous events, from Vietnam to the assassination of Martin Luther King.

However, he didn’t mention that

11 May 2010

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Man in dog fancy dress attempts terrible jail break

A man in a spotty dog fancy dress costume has ended up with a ruff deal after attempting a jail break.

It has emerged that staff at the HMP Isle of Wight prison had to apprehend a youth dressed as a dog on May 1st 2010 after he tried to break in to get a family member out, the Sun reports.

Unfortunately for him, the prisoner was actually at the Camp Hill site, making this quite possible the worst jail break ever.

After realising his mistake, the unnamed man ran around squirting prison staff with a water