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Pride is the annual celebration of LGBT+ achievements and culture, as well as self-acceptance and legal rights. Pride events usually take place in late-June and early-July to commemorate the 1969…

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It’s Pride month and we are certainly feeling inspired by all the technicolour looks on Instagram! From Rainbow hair to colourful pops of eyeshadow and tons and tons of glitter (especially in beards), here are some of our favourite looks we thought we would share with you.

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Pride is approaching and the team here at Escapade cannot wait to join the parade in kaleidoscope colour! With numerous events taking place throughout the UK and Europe there are many colourful and vibrant ways to celebrate life and show support for the LGBT communities! Read our Guide to Pride and don’t miss out!

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Pride is set to take place from the 21st – 28th of June, with the main attractions taking place on the 27th. Over 750,000 patrons took part last year; Pride is London’s biggest event; and of course is for a wonderful cause; to promote the equal rights of the LGBT community.