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The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film will be a lot more like the first instalment in terms of storyline, an insider has said.

Greg Ellis, who plays Theodore Groves in On Stranger Tides, told Digital Spy he thinks the franchise has gone back to its roots thanks to new director Rob Marshall.

"I'm really looking forward to watching it myself. It's a simpler story to understand, it's basically a race between three ships," he


The historical fancy dress Robert Downey Jr wears for his role as Sherlock Holmes went unworn earlier this week after an unscheduled break was called during the filming of the sequel.

According to the Sun, the actor caused staff and film crews to down tools for the day on Tuesday (October 5th 2010) after he called in sick.

"Everyone was fired up and ready to go. Word filtered around that Robert had a bit of a sniffle and wouldn't be coming in. It was a bit of a shock," an unnamed source said.

He probably had

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Cilla Black has urged parents of little ones to don pirates fancy dress and take part in a sponsored event to raise money for charity.

Barnardo’s is holding its 14th annual Big Toddle in 2010 and this year’s theme is pirates and all things swashbuckling.

One famous face backing the event is Cilla Black, who told the Liverpool Echo everyone should participate if they can.

"Take a picnic along and make a day of it with the grandchildren," she


Johnny Depp used his Mad Hatter fancy dress costume for the new Alice in Wonderland film to really get the feel of his character.

This is according to designer Colleen Atwood, who has worked with him on a number of films and who made the costume for the Tim Burton reimagining, which came out on DVD this month.

She told the Associated Press that she designs a piece and then gets him to wear it to see how he connects with the style.

"Johnny is the kind of artist


Rumour has it that Hollywood hottie Megan Fox could be set to don a Pirates of the Caribbean costume soon.

According to various reports, producers of the popular franchise are keen to sign up the Transformers actress to play a part in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Nothing has yet been confirmed by the films’ officials or the lady herself, but fans are already getting excited about the prospect of a new character to liven up proceedings.

It has been suggested that rather than being put in a pirate

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