27 Apr 2011

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Taylor Swift buys lederhosen for her little brother

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Taylor Swift travels around the world a lot for her glitzy career, so it is no surprise she likes to pick up some presents and souvenirs for her family from the different countries she visits.

Her recent European tour was no exception, as she treated her little brother Austin, 19, to some German lederhosen for his birthday.

The teen seemed pretty happy with her unusual choice of gift, even posing for a photo in it alongside the Love Story singer.

Taylor promptly took to Twitter to

18 Apr 2011

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Pranksters in Holland play trick with traffic lights

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Investigations are underway in Holland to find out how pranksters got to traffic lights to put a rude picture where the green lamp should be.

According to the Metro, someone changed the set of stop signals in Nimwegen so that whenever they turned to 'go', an LED image of a stick figures making love flashed up.

The trick caused chaos at the junction, as motorists stopped to gawp at the picture and pedestrians kept pressing crossing buttons to try and bring it back.


06 Apr 2011

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Tetley launches perfume that smells like tea

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People who like tea can now enjoy wearing it as well as drinking it, because Tetley has launched a new scent capturing the essence of the humble cuppa.

Yes, we thought it was an April fool at first too, but the manufacturer said it decided to launch Le Brew via its eBay site after finding tea is one of Britain's favourite smells.

Indeed, it came fourth in a list also featuring fresh bread, cut grass and clean laundry.

Le Brew features Tina from the Tetley Tea Folk – who is drawn

01 Apr 2011

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Mother with suite tooth urged to stop eating sofas

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A young mother in Florida has been told by doctors that she must stop eating furniture if she is to avoid doing serious harm to her body.

Adele Edwards, 30, is addicted to eating household items like rubbers and elastic bands. However, her favourite thing to chomp on is the stuffing from sofas and she thinks she has consumed about eight settees and five chairs' worth in her life so far.

"I was ten years old when I was first introduced to cushion. At first, I thought it was strange

29 Mar 2011

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Go Compare man tops UK classical music charts

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If we asked you to name the advert on TV that you find the most annoying, the chances are you'd come up with Go Compare.

However, that hasn't stopped the man behind moustachioed tenor and face of the company Gio Compario, Wynne Evans, going straight to the top of the classical music charts in his own right.

The 39-year-old can usually be seen bounding around our screens singing irritating jingles that usually and with "…and you'll thank your stars that

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