20 Apr 2011

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Star Wars-style planet ‘might be able to support life’

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When George Lucas dreamt up the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars, he probably wasn't thinking about whether or not it would really be able to support life.

However, he may have been more scientifically correct than he realised, according to Jack O'Malley, a PhD student at the University of St Andrews.

He has carried out research and found that a planet with two or more suns may indeed be able to house life, as there would be multiple energy sources to drive

14 Jan 2011

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Seen any dogs in fun fancy dress today?

If you go out walking today (January 14th 2011), you may see fun fancy dress on some unusual wearers.

That's because it's National Dress Up Your Pet Day, one of those random celebrations that seems to be brought over from America in the hope of cheering us up in the dark winter months.

News providers all over the country are asking people to put their hapless dogs, cats or rabbits (it's probably best to avoid it with animals like goldfish) in costume and then send the pictures in to create much hilarity for everyone involved.

Perhaps your

02 Dec 2010

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Film fancy dress to go under the hammer in Hollywood

Avid collectors of film fancy dress may want to make their way to Hollywood quickly in order to catch an important auction.

According to ContactMusic.com, Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands outfit and the Spiderman fancy dress sported by Brandon Routh are among the items to go under the hammer on December 17th and 18th 2010.

However, an original poster from The Invisible Man is expected to raise the most cash, with a potential price of $300,000

11 Nov 2010

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Star Wars fancy dress auction sure to cause a stir

An authentic Star Wars fancy dress costume is expected to raise a fortune when it goes up for auction later this month.

The Darth Vader outfit, which is thought to be the one worn by James Earl Jones in The Empire Strikes Back, is being sold by an anonymous American collector at Christie's.

According to expert estimates, it could pull in as much as £230,000 as fans and sci-fi enthusiasts clamour to get their hands on a piece of movie

27 Jul 2010

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Bank robbery in children’s fancy dress fails miserably

A man who tried to rob a bank in America wearing
children’s fancy dress
failed this week after being caught by
booby-trapped money.

Dennis Hawkins, 48, sported a clown costume, a blonde wig and –
rather bizarrely – fake breasts to attempt the heist in
Pennsylvania on Saturday (July 24th 2010).

However, after holding up cashiers with a toy gun and making off
with a bag of cash, Hawkins’ master plan began to fail.

He attempted to steal a car but its owner jumped out with the
keys, while the bag of money exploded

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