08 Jul 2010

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Carnival fancy dress enthusiasts to invade Cardiff

Cardiff will be awash with carnival fancy dress later this month as the city participates in its annual Caribbean-themed carnival event.

A colourful parade will take to the streets on July 31st 2010 complete with costumes, dancers, music and body-painted people emulating dragons.

It is being run by the South Wales Intercultural Community Arts group and is sure to attract throngs of people, the Western Mail reports.

Visitors will be able to learn how to dance and even play the drums if they want to get

24 Jun 2010

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Join the carnival at Welsh fancy dress event

If you’re from Wales, next month could present the perfect opportunity to don carnival fancy dress and make the most of the summer.

That’s because Llanidloes is gearing up for its annual Llani Fancy Dress Street Party on Friday July 2nd, an event that promises to be lots of fun, the Cambrian News reports.

Now in its 40th year after being established by a former police sergeant, 1,337 people have already confirmed that they will be attending via the event’s official Facebook page.

Attendees call it Wales’ answer

01 Jun 2010

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Children’s fancy dress ‘is a great way to beat boredom’

Anyone who is struggling to think of ways to entertain their little ones during the forthcoming school holidays should embrace children’s fancy dress.

Sally Reynolds, a spokesperson from LEGOLAND, told us that kids love dressing up, plus it is an easy way of tiring them out in time for bed!

"The great thing is that they can be heroes or whoever they want to be, and it also means they run around a lot," she pointed out.

A new poll from LEGOLAND has shown that nine out of ten children get a thrill from raiding their

10 May 2010

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Scary clown fancy dress at the ready – Stephen King’s It is back!

Clowns may be used as toys for young children, but we have to say there’s something very creepy about adults dressed in <clown fancy dress costumes.

However, get ready to see a lot more of them as coulrophobia (that’s fear of clowns to you and me) prepares to affect a whole new generation of movie fans.

Stephen King’s It is due to be remade next year and we’ve heard it won’t be for the faint-hearted, with Pennywise the clown set for a revival as an even more terrifying malevolent force.

He already makes the

05 May 2010

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Bungling robber tackles shop in fancy dress costume

Robbing a shop in a clown fancy dress costume may have sounded like a good idea in theory, but one criminal was left red-faced this week in the US after his attempt went wrong.

An employee at Allsup’s in Clovis, New Mexico, called the police on Sunday (May 2nd 2010) to report that a man in a clown mask had threatened him at gunpoint, CNJ Online attests.

However, the store had not been open long and no more than $50 (£33) was in the till, meaning that the robber did not make off with as much as he had probably

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