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Fun fancy dress has been helping protesters get a serious message across in New York this week.

A gang of people dressed as bagels turned out in Brooklyn to criticise cuts in funding for Aids sufferers in the New York area.

Mayor Bloomberg was going to meet city officials to discuss the issue on December 1st – World Aids Day – as part of the annual Bagel Breakfast, but residents said he never meets his promises to deliver help to the 45,000 New Yorkers with the disease.

They chanted: "Cream cheese with chives won't save lives," and chained


Fans of the game Angry Birds may be pleased to know that a new version in which they wear Halloween fancy dress has been created.

Publisher Rovio has released a Halloween edition of the title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which sees the fowl transported to a haunted backdrop complete with scary music, ghosts and other assorted ghouls.

There are also pumpkins to be smashed instead of the usual green pigs.

"Every aspect of the game has been recreated in the spirit of Halloween, so expect new spooky theme music, hair-raising graphical themes


A fast food chain in the US which specialises in chicken has offered free meals to customers in cow fancy dress later this week.

Chick-fil-A has launched Cow Appreciation Day for July 9th 2010, with anyone in bovine outfits set to score a free combo meal in outlets across the whole country.

Anyone who is a little bit too shy to go fully-clothed as a Fresian or Hereford can get a complimentary entree if they go "dressed in partial cow attire".

It’s all part of the chain’s jokey ad campaign which features


State elections in Nevada have become less of a circus and more of a farmyard this week after chicken fancy dress costumes ruffled plenty of feathers.

It all started after an unfortunate candidate said people should barter for healthcare like in the days of the Wild West when they used chickens.

This didn’t go down too well and things descended into farce when her opponents set up a website called ‘Chickens for Checkups’.

Voters soon picked up on the joke and began to demonstrate at campaign events

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