20 Apr 2015

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Escapade at MCM ComiCon

The 2015 London MCM Comic-Con is fast approaching,

06 Apr 2011

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Captain America 1979 gets vote for worst superhero costume

Read entertainment news as you browse for superhero fancy dress with Escapade

The superhero costume Captain America wore in the TV movie from 1979 has been voted as the worst ever donned by any comic book hero by one website.

Mania.com said that while actor Reb Brown was a good size to play the patriotic goodie, he was let down by what he had to wear.

"He wears a motorcycle helmet, he has vertical red and white stripes and his shield was a cheap piece of clear Plexiglas," the article pointed out.

Also making the top three was

17 Jan 2011

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Pictures released of Captain America superhero fancy dress

Fans of films based on comic books may be pleased to know that new pictures have been released of Captain America in his revamped superhero fancy dress.

The character is set to return to the silver screen soon and the people behind the movie have let out some stills of Chris Evans in his crime-fighting outfit.

One of them seems to show him in a sort of parachuting suit complete with the red and blue logo, while another sees him racing through an industrial-looking set in a more leather-based <a

16 Jul 2010

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Comic fans get glimpse of Ryan Reynolds’ superhero fancy dress

Comic book fans have been given a glimpse of the superhero fancy dress Ryan Reynolds is to wear when he becomes the Green Lantern (or one of them) soon.

The US actor has been pictured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in the costume, which is jade-coloured and very futuristic-looking.

He has a white badge on his chest and is wearing one of the famed rings which give each Green Lantern his superpowers.

The new movie – one of many comic book adaptations lately – won’t be ready until next year, but it will see Reynolds play

24 Jun 2010

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Wear superhero fancy dress and join the fun at Tussaud’s

Anyone visiting London this summer could have the perfect opportunity to wear superhero fancy dress thanks to a new exhibition.

Madame Tussaud’s recently opened its Marvel SuperHeroes 4D display, which allows comic book fans to enter the world of their idols and explore like never before.

There are a range of themed areas, including one showing Peter Parker in Spiderman fancy dress hanging on a

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