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With the walloping 4 – 0 dismantling of Italy, Spain have once again reigned supreme over the footballing world, and with their third major tournament victory in a row, they have accomplished a feat that no other team in world football has equalled. Good for them, but what we in England are more interested in now is how you get your face seen by the world, and we’ve put together a quick guide of tips that may allow you to accomplish this if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for the Olympic Games in London.

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With the Queens Diamond Jubilee fast approaching Mars have rolled out a special red, white and blue M&Ms promotion pack to get the celebrations started on the sweet side.

The Union Jack themed TV advertisement aired on the 27th of May and will run for four weeks consecutively. The advert is set in a sitting room lounge where the Yellow M&M tries on a series of stereotypical British outfits including; a punk look, posh look, and a British fancy dress costume while a jubilee party can be seen taking place on the street outside. The ad closes with the strapline, “Red, white and blues only, sorry yellow”.

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A Beatles reunion could be set to take place at next year's London Olympics, with organisers reported to be keen to bring the band back as a four-piece.

Obviously they can't bring the original members back together because John Lennon and George Harrison are dead, but it is hoped that Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will join forces to perform, the Sun reports.

Meanwhile, the sons of Lennon and Harrison could come in to play the parts their parents would have