19 Apr 2017

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Top 5 Hen Party Ideas to Do in London

Need some ideas of where to wear fancy dress in the capital for your next big hen party? We’ve got 5 top ideas and destinations to celebrate at.

08 Jun 2011

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Embarrassing dad wears fancy dress to make son blush

Read lifestyle news as you browse for superhero fancy dress with Escapade

Anyone who thinks they've got an embarrassing dad had better be prepared to admit they're not in as blush-inducing a situation as one American teen.

Rain Price, 16, from Utah asked his father Dale if he would mind not waving him off when he left on the school bus each day, as he felt it was damaging his street cred.

However, Dale instead decided to wave at his son from the front porch each day wearing superhero fancy dress and other costumes.

So far, he has

18 Jan 2011

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Sexy fancy dress would be nice for Wild at Heart, actress says

The star of ITV1's Wild at Heart has been bemoaning the fact that sexy fancy dress is not a big part of the show.

Dawn Steele appears as vet Alice Collins in the sixth series of the show and she told the Mirror that she gets a bit fed up of always looking mucky.

"I never get to dress up. My character is always in boots and khaki trousers and I can never grow my nails," she commented.

However, Steele admitted that Alice is something of a tomboy and completely driven when it comes to her job, so a sexy safari outfit may not be entirely

29 Nov 2010

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Katy Perry: I’ll wear fun fancy dress for as long as I can

Katy Perry has revealed she is keen to keep on wearing fun fancy dress for as long as she can get away with it.

The pop star told People magazine she has always loved dressing up and would get changed for breakfast, lunch and dinner as a child.

However, she acknowledged that she might not always get away with kaleidoscopic latex dresses and whipped cream bras.

"They have an expiration date and that's why I'm wearing them now at 25," Katy commented.

At the moment though, the wife of Russell Brand is happy to rock whatever costume

21 Sep 2010

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Katy Perry wears fun fancy dress for a playdate with Elmo

Katy Perry is known for her love of different costumes, so she is likely to have been in her element when she got to wear fun fancy dress on Sesame Street.

The California Gurls singer has made an appearance on the popular kids' TV show with little red character Elmo, whom she asked to take part in a dressing up game.

Although Katy got into a bride fancy dress outfit – to reflect her impending wedding to Russell Brand – Elmo was less keen to join in.

So the pop