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Lindsay Lohan has reportedly said that she thought she should have been given the lead role in Black Swan.

The 25-year-old actress had taken part in a photoshoot with Plum Miami Magazine, but then refused to do the accompanying interview.

So, journalist Jacquelynn Powers decided to write up a damning account of her diva-like behaviour instead, explaining how she was rude to valet staff and refused to leave the hotel the magazine had provided for her.

Ms Powers said Lohan was


Natalie Portman has revealed that the film fancy dress used for her new film Black Swan really helped her to portray her character.

The movie star told Cover Media she found the outfits used in the thriller fantastic, because they allowed her to see a different person when she looked in the mirror.

She commented: "The costumes were really, really incredible … from the beginning there was this very featherlike suggestion of swanness."

Portman plays ballerina Nina Sayers in Black Swan and she won a Best Actress gong for it at


Little boys may like children's fancy dress, but the costumes aren't usually pink and frilly.

However, one little boy in Seattle is challenging stereotypes by proudly wearing what are perceived to be outfits for girls.

Dyson Kilodavis, five, showed a preference for dresses from an early age, but his mother Cheryl tried to discourage him for fear he would be bullied.

However, after realising he was unhappy, she relented and has now written a book about her son entitled My Princess Boy.

She appeared on US TV programme the Today Show


Mums with young daughters who like the idea of a ballet fancy dress day out could head to Manchester this summer.

The Lowry Centre in Salford is to host a major exhibition by the Royal Ballet which will feature costumes worn during famous productions, as well as sets designed by Picasso.

There will also be unseen paintings by LS Lowry, who was known for being a fan of ballet.

It is to be a retrospective exhibition celebrating the history and future of the Royal Ballet in


If you’re a resident of Widnes in Cheshire, don’t think you’ve had a few too many if you see lots of ballerina costumes out this Friday night (May 28th 2010).

A group of fundraisers have decided to don dainty fancy dress in order to generate cash for the charity Wish Upon A Star, Runcorn and Widnes World reports.

Steven and Anna Rathbone are behind the plans and explained that they do something special every year to remember their sons, who tragically died as babies due to health

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