09 Jul 2012

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One Direction Wear Animal Fancy Dress Costumes as Disguises

The hottest boy band on the planet will be headlining the Party in the Park festival in Leeds on the 22nd of July and the festivals organisers are so paranoid that boys will be mobbed by their fanatic fans that they have decided to dress them up “subtly” in animal fancy dress costumes to disguise them.

The plan consists of the boys arriving to the festival in separate cars, as opposed to a potentially riot inducing tour bus or limo, each one of the boys will be decked out in an animal costume as they aim to fly under the radar of festival attendees.

23 Feb 2012

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Elephant costumes sell out after being featured in Coldplay video

Coldplay’s recent release Paradise has resulted in the Elephant Mascot Costume featured in the video selling out in record time.

After the initial video directed by Hype Williams which featured the gritty story of a young girl leaving prison, stealing a car and heading northbound in her search for paradise was scrapped, Coldplay went on to call on the bands go to director Mat Whitecross.

28 Feb 2011

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US congressman pictured in animal fancy dress

Pictures showing a US politician in animal fancy dress have caused a stir in his local authority.

Republican congressman for Oregon David Wu sent the snaps to his staff and has since appeared on television apologising for doing so, admitting that it was "unprofessional and inappropriate".

Mr Wu explained that he donned the tiger fancy dress outfit during Halloween last year, which he spent with his children.

It is not often that a senior political figure is