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The organizers behind RockNess have announced the festivals very first official fancy dress theme since its founding in 2006. The RockNess 2012 theme is Monsters & Aliens which will mean the beautiful scenery that surrounds the shores of Loch Ness Scotland is set to be invaded by more than just one monster during the 8th – 10th of June this year.

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The conspiracy theorists are out in force again after a mysterious ball of ice was found in a forest in the Czech Republic.

According to the Metro, a witness stumbled upon the object in Milovice forest and videoed it on their mobile phone so they could post it on YouTube.

They claim it is a giant block of ice similar in shape to a hailstone, although it is two metres in diameter, so much bigger than usual precipitation.

However, what is a


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Will Smith found himself with an appreciative audience this week as he shot scenes for Men in Black 3 in New York.

The movie star was spotted by the Daily Mail leaping from the window of an apartment block.

However, as is often the case with making films, everything was not as it seemed and Smith was actually jumping on to a platform a few inches below the window.

That didn't put off his fans though, who swarmed around him on the street below when the scenes had


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Fans of the Twilight books may be pleased to know they will soon be able to see another of Stephanie Meyer's creations turned into a film.

Her 2008 novel The Host is to be adapted for the silver screen by producers Nick Wechsler and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, it has been revealed.

Saoirse Ronan, who is currently appearing in the assassin flick Hanna, has been cast as the main character Melanie Stryder.

However, anyone expecting angst-filled vampires may be


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A video which two walkers claim shows the body of a dead alien has become an internet sensation among believers and sceptics alike.

The men insist they were walking in the Siberian region of Irkutsk when they stumbled upon their find, which is around two feet tall with a skinny body and big head.

Part of the so-called alien's leg is missing and it also has other bodily traumas, suggesting a potential reason for its death – if it was ever really