Mysterious ice ball appears in forest

26 Jul 2011

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The conspiracy theorists are out in force again after a mysterious ball of ice was found in a forest in the Czech Republic.

According to the Metro, a witness stumbled upon the object in Milovice forest and videoed it on their mobile phone so they could post it on YouTube.

They claim it is a giant block of ice similar in shape to a hailstone, although it is two metres in diameter, so much bigger than usual precipitation.

However, what is a little strange is that there is no ice or snow in the area at present because it is the middle of summer – could it be a bit of alien weather than mistakenly fell down to earth?

The object is striated with lines and marks so looks a bit like it has been slotted together rather than formed as one big sphere. In fact, it looks similar to one of those puzzle balls we spent hours trying to slot together as kids, so the chances are it could be another hoax.

However, there are no doubt people keeping a close eye on the object in case anything emerges from it a la The Day The Earth Stood Still.

This comes after two hikers released a video back in April, claiming they had found the body of a dead alien in the Siberian region of Irkutsk.

They said the creature was around two feet tall with a skinny body and big head.

However, it appeared to have met a sticky end, as part of its leg was missing and it was covered in bumps and bruises.

It was claimed by conspiracy theorists that the creature had been killed in a spaceship crash and that the Siberian authorities missed the body when they attempted to perform a cover-up.

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