Mum escorted out of Disneyland over Princess fancy dress fiasco

It may be famous as a place of wonder and merriment, but you’d better not venture into Disneyland Paris if you’re wearing a princess fancy dress costume.

Natasha Narula from Coventry found this out the hard way recently when she took her little girl Drew to the theme park and decided to dress up.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the best costume, given that it was made of an old charity shop wedding dress, but you’d have thought that staff would have given her full marks for effort.

Not so. Poor Natasha, 35, was hauled to one side by two burly security guards and told she would have to change into ordinary clothes.

Apparently, Disneyland won’t let anyone over the age of nine in if they are in fancy dress, just in case they get mixed up with staff wearing real Disney costumes.

"Drew was in tears when I was told I couldn’t wear my dress. I felt like Cinderella being told I would not go to the ball," sniffed Natasha.

There are scores of princess fancy dress costumes for you to try, including fab Disney styles like Jasmine from Aladdin – just don’t wear them to Disneyland if you know what’s good for you.

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