Top Trending Costumes for Halloween 2018

Top Trending Halloween Costumes 2018

Our favourite time of year is just around the corner! That’s right it’s almost Halloween and with the date falling smack bang in the middle of the week, it’s an excuse to celebrate on both weekends either side (and all week if we wish, I mean do we really need an excuse haha).

What we do need however is a costume or two, after all isn’t that the whole point of Halloween in the first place!

 To help you plan ahead and stay ahead of the game, we have compiled the top trending costumes for this year and it’s looking like the trend is gearing towards film and television characters.

From iconic classics such as The Shining and Halloween to the latest movie releases and recent TV show phenomena’s,  you will find a range of your favourite spooky characters coming to life this year and luckily for you, we have just the costumes in stock.

Below are our top 10 trending costume predictions for Halloween 2018:

  1. The Nun

The Nun

This 2018 American gothic horror film tells the story of a young nun who commits suicide in a Romanian Abbey.  When investigated by a priest and a novitiate, they are confronted by a truly fiendish force in the form of a Demonic Nun.

If you’ve seen this new release you will know just how terrifying the character is.  Perfect for transforming into for Halloween and we have a variety of costumes to suit your needs.

2. Pennywise


A creepy clown never goes out of style for Halloween and what better one to become than the truly iconic Pennywise from the classic film IT.  The malevolent entity preys upon children and is able to manipulate through a variety of powers such as the ability to shapeshift and go unnoticed by adults.


3. Creepy Sister


Creepy Sister Costume

Based on the Grady Twins from the cult classic horror movie ‘The Shining’ this costume is perfect for those looking to appear as a duo and is guaranteed to be a hit with horror film fanatics.

The Grady Twins are for sure the creepiest kids in the history of movies and now you too can roam the halls of the Halloween party in the freakiest of manners with our Creepy Sister Costume.

4. Michael Myers

Michael Myers

Yes, even this legend is trending again!  With the brand new Halloween film being released very soon, there’s no surprise why becoming this iconic serial killer is bound to be a popular choice this year.

This costume never gets old but to keep things fresh and exciting, we have a brand new take just for you. Shop it here! 

5. Eleven-Stranger Things

Eleven-Stranger Things

It was a trend last year and it’s still a trend this year, we are just not ready to get over our love and obsession with the science fiction-horror web television series Stranger Things and our favourite character Eleven.

Not only do we have the dress but also the wig to match!

6. Slappy the Dummy-Goosebumps

Slappy the Dummy

The Slappy the Dummy costume is ever so freaky and take from the Goosebumps children’s series by R.L. Stine. He is one f the series most popular, villains, a living ventriloquist dummy that comes to life when the words “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano” (meaning “You and I are one now) are read aloud.

7. Deadpool


Deadpool costume for men

With another Deadpool movie having been released this year, its no wonder that this costume is trending.  Here at Escapade not only do we have this super Deluxe Deadpool Costume for men but we also have the Marvel lady Deadpool Costume for women.

Deadpool costume for women


8.  Black Panther Infinity War Deluxe Costume

Black Panther costume

As one of the biggest superhero films of 2018, it’s no wonder the Black Panther Infinity War costume is trending too!


9.  Chanel Oberlin-Scream Queens

Chanel Oberlin, Scream Queens costume


Based on the rich and self-centred sorority leader from the popular Fox comedy horror series, Scream Queens, the Chanel Oberlin costume is ever so pink and bound to be a popular choice amongst girly girls this Halloween!


10. Predator

Predator costume

Perfect for those who really want to go all out this Halloween, we can guarantee that the Predator Costume will be trending especially after the success of the latest movie which was released earlier this year.

However, if that’s a bit steep for you, we are sure that our Overhead Latex Mask will do just the trick to impress and scare too!

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