Chip shop serves up deep-fried Creme Eggs

12 Apr 2011

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To get into the spirit of Easter, a chippy in Doncaster is serving up deep-fried Creme Eggs to its customers.

Martyn Bilby, who models himself on Heston Blumenthal, decided to put some of the Cadbury's confections in batter to create some interest in the coming weeks and to raise some cash for charity.

He said the creations are selling well at GJ's chip shop and that people seem to like them.

"They turn their noses up at first at the idea, but once they try them they eat their words and agree that they are really tasty," Mr Bilby commented.

However, he added that customers have to eat them quickly before the chocolate melts inside and everything goes a bit soggy.

This comes after the creative shop owner also offered deep-fried mince pies at Christmas.

Creme Eggs are made by Cadbury's between January and Easter each year and the marketing used to ask 'how do you eat yours?'. However, perhaps as a result of strange suggestions like Mr Bilby's, the company now uses 'Goo' ads instead.

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