Chinese man proposes to girlfriend dressed as carrot

10 Aug 2011

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A Chinese man came up with a unique way to propose to his girlfriend recently – he dressed up as a carrot before he got down on one knee.

Pang Kun from Qingdao took Zhang Xinyu to a shopping centre for what she believed was a normal day out mooching around the shops.

He then excused himself, went to the toilets and changed into the vegetable fancy dress. As part of the elaborate plan, Mr Kun had also persuaded 48 of his friends to do the same, forming a sort of carrot flashmob.

They then performed a dance in front of a bemused Ms Xinyu before Mr Kun unmasked himself and kneeled down to ask her to marry him.

Much to the delight of the watching crowds, she said yes – wonder if she will let him have a fancy dress wedding?

Last month, bride-to-be Nicola Williamson organised for Port Vale Football Club mascot Boomer to give her away, much to the surprise of her groom Dave Walker on the big day.

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