06 Jan 2011

Fans show off Star Wars fancy dress at exhibition

Three movie fans have been showing off their Star Wars fancy dress at a museum exhibition in California.

Daniel Nichols and pals Hannah and James Littier made their way to Turtle Bay in Redding, California in order to visit a display entitled Out Of This World: Extraordinary Costumes, KRCTV.com reports.

Featuring more than 40 models, outfits and props from classic films such as Tron, Terminator and Blade Runner, the exhibition aims to show people how good designs can help to create iconic characters that really stick in people's minds.


11 Nov 2010

Star Wars fancy dress auction sure to cause a stir

An authentic Star Wars fancy dress costume is expected to raise a fortune when it goes up for auction later this month.

The Darth Vader outfit, which is thought to be the one worn by James Earl Jones in The Empire Strikes Back, is being sold by an anonymous American collector at Christie's.

According to expert estimates, it could pull in as much as £230,000 as fans and sci-fi enthusiasts clamour to get their hands on a piece of movie

29 Sep 2010

Halloween fancy dress results in unsuccessful robbery

Wearing Halloween fancy dress may have sounded like a good idea for a man who tried to rob a restaurant in the US this week – after all, it should have scared everyone enough to result in plenty of money being handed over.

However, this is not what happened to the bungling burglar, according to the Colorado Daily.

Although he got all dressed up in a black cape, Halloween mask, gloves and a scary wig, a quick-thinking young cashier refused to be cowed and quickly pressed the panic button behind the counter.

The unknown man mumbled something

30 Jul 2010

Star Wars fancy dress stunt is internet sensation

A Star Wars fancy dress stunt carried out in New York’s subway earlier this month has become an internet sensation.

Guerilla theatre group Improv Everywhere dressed up in Star Wars costumes to reenact the scene from the first film of the original trilogy in which Princess Leia meets Darth Vader onboard the Death Star.

New actors joined the subway train at various stations to help recreate the action, with bewildered members of the public encouraged to participate too.

According to the Telegraph, the YouTube video created of the ‘mission’

26 Jul 2010

Man robs bank in Star Wars fancy dress

A robber successfully pulled off a daring bank raid last week by
wearing Star Wars
fancy dress
, it has been revealed.

The baddie went into the Chase bank in Long Island, New York on
Thursday (July 22nd 2010) wearing a
Darth Vader fancy dress
costume and proceeded to threaten staff
and customers.

Unfortunately for him, it took quite a long time to convince the
cashiers that the incident was a real heist and not just a reality
TV show

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