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There's always an excuse to wear fun fancy dress and Pancake Day is one of them.

Bracknell residents are likely to agree as many of them will be slipping on their favourite costumes to take part in this year's Pancake Race on Shrove Tuesday (March 8th 2011).

The event will take place in Bracknell town centre and it will involve participants taking part in a relay race carrying a pancake in a frying pan and flipping it at the start and finish lines.

Organisers have encouraged runners to wear funny costumes, such as <a


Karen Gillan has been spotted wearing pirate fancy dress as she filmed scenes for a new episode of Doctor Who.

The 23-year-old – who plays the Time Lord's assistant Amy Pond – donned a swashbuckling outfit on location in Cornwall to film for series six of the popular BBC programme.

It appeared as though a host of seadogs had taken her and the Doctor hostage in the story, but Amy manages to break free and swing across the set, which happens to be a huge wooden ship.

From the action going on, the cutlass-brandishing assistant appears to save the day


A host of celebrities and even part of the Royal family headed out to see the pirate fancy dress on show at a City trading firm's charity day this week.

Employees at ICAP worked for free and donned costumes to help raise money for good causes yesterday (December 8th 2010), with Prince Charles and Prince William among those taking part.

The heirs to the throne even manned the phones at one stage in order to close a £14 billion deal with a foreign exchange company.

Other outfits sported by the kind-hearted staff included <a


Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has made the wishes of a little girl from London come true after visiting her school in pirates fancy dress.

The actor made a surprise visit to the Meridian primary school in Greenwich kitted out as his iconic character Captain Jack Sparrow, while taking a break from filming the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides, at the Royal Naval College.

Depp put in an appearance after receiving a letter from nine-year-old Beatrice Delap, a student of the school, who had written to the star asking for Captain Jack's help in staging a mutiny against the teachers.

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The historical fancy dress Robert Downey Jr wears for his role as Sherlock Holmes went unworn earlier this week after an unscheduled break was called during the filming of the sequel.

According to the Sun, the actor caused staff and film crews to down tools for the day on Tuesday (October 5th 2010) after he called in sick.

"Everyone was fired up and ready to go. Word filtered around that Robert had a bit of a sniffle and wouldn't be coming in. It was a bit of a shock," an unnamed source said.

He probably had

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