02 Jul 2012

Spice Up your Wardrobe – Spice Girls Auction Iconic Costumes

If you grew up in the nineties, no scratch that, if you were alive in the nineties the leopard print tops, platform trainers, tracksuits and a certain memorable Union Jack dress were worn by a group of girls who were as famed for their fashion sense as they were for their voices.

We are of course talking about the creators of “Girl Power”, the Spice Girls. This week the group announced that they would be putting some of their old costumes up for auction to raise money for charities Save the Children and Children in Need.

02 Jul 2012

“The Amazing Spider-Man” box office takings on course to eclipse “The Avengers”

2012 among other, and slightly more important, things is the year of the blockbuster superhero film. With The Avenger’s already amassing a bank bailing $1.4bn on their way to becoming the third highest grossing film in the history of cinema (Number 1, Avatar, Number 2, Titanic). The reboot of the Spider-Man franchise whilst, guaranteed to have an audience, was not expected to get near these figures.

However, ahead of the films main release in the US and the UK on July 3rd early indicators are suggesting that the spidey franchise facelift could surpass the collective power of all of the Avengers in the box office.

02 Jul 2012

Model claims role in “MIB” 3 broke her back

Model Danika Gardener, 23, wore a two stone (30 lb) sheet-metal costume with 6-inch metal spiked heels for a role as an alien from the planet Glamoua in “MIB3”, which she claims resulted in her breaking her back.

The actor/model is now suing Columbia Pictures and Amblin Entertainment as she claims that the extraterrestrial outfit resulted in her suffering from a herniated disc and severe nerve damage, which she claims has ruined her modelling career.

20 Jun 2012

New Official Spider-Man Costumes Released In Time For The Amazing Spider-Man Film

We are very excited about the release of the latest instalment in the Spider-Man saga at Escapade and we have a fantastic new range of Spider-Man fancy dress costumes to celebrate Mark Webb’s re-imagining of one of our favourite comic book superheroes.

The Amazing-Spider-Man sees actor Andrew Garfield fill Tobey MaGuire’s boots in the title role as the Spider-Man film series gets a reboot. Garfield will be playing Peter Parker and the plot of the film revolves around his experiences in high school as he tries to win the heart of crush Gwen Stacy whilst uncovering his past and ultimately becomes Spider-Man.

11 Jun 2012

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