06 Sep 2010

Historical fancy dress plans for Titanic cruise criticised by descendants

If you're planning on going on the cruise in 2012 to mark the 100th year since Titanic sank, then you may wish to avoid historical fancy dress.

The Balmoral ship is currently open for bookings for the commemorative journey beginning on April 8th 2012, but descendants of those who died have been expressing concern about the fact that voyagers may be planning to dress up as Jack and Rose, the fictional characters from James Cameron's 1997 film.

One, named as dd714, wrote on the cruisecritic.co.uk forum

03 Sep 2010

Lady Gaga wears Statue of Liberty fancy dress for photoshoot

Oddball pop star Lady Gaga has been photographed wearing Statue of Liberty fancy dress for a magazine photoshoot.

The Poker Face singer sported the outfit as part of a special New York edition of V magazine, which also included Jake Shears and Debbie Harry.

Editor Stephen Gan explained the Mario Testino pics were supposed to celebrate everything the Big Apple has offered to the world, with Lady Gaga one of the most recent successes.

"Just as the Statue of Liberty was France's gift to America, Gaga is, to us, New

31 Aug 2010

Historical fancy dress causes row at primary school

Primary school pupils in Perth, Australia have unwittingly found themselves at the centre of a scandal after one of their classmates chose a somewhat inappropriate historical fancy dress costume for a recent event.

The nine and ten-year-olds had been asked to dress up as a well-known figure, but one decided upon Adolf Hitler.

To add insult to injury, the teachers decided his was the best costume and awarded him a prize!

After parents complained, they were forced to backtrack and apologise, but the head said he still

26 Aug 2010

Historical fancy dress plans revealed in WWII documents

New documents have shed light on how the Nazi army planned to invade Britain by land in the early stages of World War II – by wearing British Army officer fancy dress.

According to MI5 files, a team of invaders planned to sail across the Channel wearing Allied costumes, climb up two staircases along the White Cliffs of Dover and then creep into England.

They would then be followed by Luftwaffe planes in a bid to take over the British Isles.

However, worryingly for the Germans, the man leading them – Wilhelm Hollmann

25 Aug 2010

Teacher wears historical fancy dress to bring art to life

A teacher has revealed how he brings the history of art to life – by wearing historical fancy dress.

Neil McGregor, who works for Doncaster Council's museums service, told the South Yorkshire Star he often dresses up as the artists featured within his lessons, as it helps the pupils to remember things.

"In the past I've dressed up as Van Gogh, Monet and Turner," he commented.

This summer's theme is the impressionist Edgar Degas, which requires a Mr Benn-style bowler hat and suit as well as a beard.

However, Mr

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