13 Dec 2010

Katy Perry dons Christmas fancy dress for Miami Jingle Bell Ball

Katy Perry has been raiding her costume box again, this time for Christmas fancy dress to wear at the Miami Jingle Bell Ball.

The Fireworks singer delighted fans by popping out of a massive gift box to begin her set on stage.

She sported a Miss Santa fancy dress outfit for the occasion, having already donned snowman and candy cane outfits for the other cities on the tour.

Katy wore a similar get-up during last year's Jingle Bell Ball, so perhaps she is being

10 Dec 2010

Expert creates Christmas fancy dress ‘survival guide’

If you plan on sporting Christmas fancy dress this year, then you had better not do it half-heartedly.

Jess Zaino, a lifestyle consultant in New York, told AMNY.com that you shouldn't just drag your old Santa outfit out of the back of the wardrobe still-wrinkled, as it will look like you don't care.

Instead, she suggested trying out a new costume this year, such as elf fancy dress or being a reindeer for the day.

"Try your best Bad Santa

09 Dec 2010

Will a lamb count as Christmas fancy dress?

Usually, thinking of something to wear for a Christmas fancy dress party isn't too hard – it's often enough to pick something like a fairy or a tree and you're done.

However, the party organisers at Portsmouth Football Club have decided to put a bit more thought into it this year, with players required to find an outfit for each letter of the alphabet.

Writing on the Caught Offside blog, striker Danny Webber revealed he drew the letter 'L' out of the hat and is now racking his brains about what to wear.


08 Dec 2010

Don’t forget the joke Christmas fancy dress costume!

Anyone who is going to a Christmas fancy dress party soon might want to get hold of a jokey outfit in order to make the event even more fun.

V-Blog.com states that you could opt for a range of traditional costumes for you and your mates, with Santa, Mrs Christmas and elves all obvious choices.

However, if might be a laugh to play a few games in order to decide who should have to wear the forfeit outfit.

For instance, you could play a quick game of charades one evening before the party, with the loser drawing the short straw when it comes to what to

06 Dec 2010

Christmas fancy dress event brings plenty of revellers to San Francisco

Hundreds of revellers headed to San Francisco over the weekend to take part in an annual Christmas fancy dress event in the Bay area.

Father Christmas fancy dress was the order of the day at SantaCon, which sees people don costumes and go out to the city's various bars and eateries to spread merriment.

There were also plenty of elves to help the santas go about their business, which no doubt included partaking in plenty of sherry-drinking.

A barman at the

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