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People in the centre of London may have been forgiven for thinking they had gone bananas and were seeing things over the weekend – but it was just animal fancy dress.

Around 700 people took part in a sponsored run for the Great Gorilla Organisation and every single one sported gorilla fancy dress to raise awareness for the good cause.

Conservationist Bill Oddie fired the starting pistol for the 4.3-mile race, which saw participants run from Minster Court to the City, Tower


Partygoers may decide to get an animal fancy dress outfit of their own following the recent sight of 218 dogs in costume.

The dressed-up pooches and their owners took part in a successful attempt to break the world record for the most dogs in costume attire in one place, the Northern Echo reports.

Held in Scarborough, the gathering beat the previous record of 208, which was established by American baseball team the New York Mets.

In support of the nation's bid to host the World Cup in 2018, each dog was patriotically dressed in an England football