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When the mascot for the University of Cincinnati football team got on to a roof and started throwing snowballs in his animal fancy dress, he probably thought it would be taken as a bit of harmless fun.

However, that's not what happened, unfortunately for M Robert "Bobby" Garfield III, the 22-year-old who played the mascot for the Bearcats.

He threw a few snowballs down into the crowds and got a few back, but trouble ensued when the police arrived and asked him to stop.

He didn't, so an officer was forced to bring him down to the


Scientists in China are using animal fancy dress in a bid to help conserve pandas in the wild.

Researchers at Hetaoping Research and Conservation Centre have had problems in the past when they have released youngsters from captivity, with their wild peers failing to accept them and bullying or even killing them.

However, they hope that by wearing panda fancy dress whenever they need to handle the cubs, they can prevent them from becoming too dependent on humans and therefore


A brave man from south Wales is to trek up a mountain soon wearing animal fancy dress.

Richard Morgan from Griffithstown was recently impressed after one of his relatives was given an assistance dog to help him with daily tasks after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, the South Wales Argus reports.

Now, he intends to cross the mountains of Nepal next year to raise money for Dogs for the Disabled – a charity which he says has been invaluable – and wants to do a practice run by climbing Pen y Fan.

Furthermore, he hopes to do it all wearing <a


A group of football players got more than they bargained for on a recent night out when they bumped into a group of revellers in sheep fancy dress.

Danny Swanson, David Goodwillie and Garry Kenneth from Dundee United had gone out to celebrate a mate's birthday in the town, according to the Scottish Sun.

However, they crossed paths with a whole flock of sheep being directed by Little Bo Peep.

The footballers happily enjoyed a drink or two with them at the Ballencrieff bar in Bathgate and took video clips for

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She may be a fashion designer as well as a critically-acclaimed performer, but Pixie Lott seemed to have had a little trouble putting together a rabbit fancy dress costume this weekend.

The young artist was spotted leaving a West End nightclub wearing what appeared to be bunny ears.

However, she seemed to have given up after the ears and whiskers – painted on with eyeliner – and resorted to Halloween fancy dress for the rest of her

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