13 Oct 2014

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Top 5 Halloween Pranks

We take a moment to conjure up 5 of the most evil, ghastly and downright nasty scare pranks for the Halloween period – remember, it’s all in your mind!

16 Aug 2011

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Glasgow turns into Philadelphia for Brad Pitt’s zombie flick

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Anyone walking around Glasgow in the coming weeks should not be alarmed if they see American street signs rather than the British ones they are used to.

This is because the Scottish city is temporarily being turned into Philadelphia so it can be used as the location for World War Z, the new zombie movie starring Brad Pitt.

Stars and stripes flags are being raised above buildings and fake store fronts are being brought in to turn Glasgow into an all-American metropolis, albeit

21 Jun 2011

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Zombies invade Leicester (don’t worry, not really)

Read lifestyle news as you browse for Halloween fancy dress with Escapade

Anyone heading in to Leicester on Saturday (June 18th 2011) may have been forgiven for thinking they were on the set of an apocalypse movie.

It all started when a 'concerned citizen' – who had obviously been watching The Walking Dead and thinking it was a documentary – wrote to the council to ask if the city would be prepared for an attack by the undead.

Leicester City Council's Lynn Wyeth kindly wrote back to the unnamed person and admitted the conurbation does not

15 Apr 2011

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Advertising firm apologises after making zombie blunder

Read lifestyle news as you browse for Halloween fancy dress with Escapade

An advertising company has been forced to apologise after erecting a poster of zombie TV series The Walking Dead – on the side of a funeral parlour.

The giant billboard was put up in Consett, County Durham to coincide with the launch of the programme on Channel 5 last week, but workmen failed to notice its unfortunate location.

A few eyebrows were raised and passersby enjoyed a good chortle before the blunder was realised.

Co-operative Funeralcare said it was a little

12 Nov 2010

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Halloween fancy dress branded ‘racist’ by nightclub bouncers

When a group of students dressed up in Halloween fancy dress for a recent bar crawl, they probably hoped it would be called scary or deliciously repulsive.

However, they probably didn't expect their zombie fancy dress costumes to be labelled racist by some over-zealous bouncers.

The Sheffield University Physics Society had been wandering around town and going into various nightspots before they were turned away from Population

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