09 Oct 2015

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Introducing Escapade’s LED Pumpkin Light

Halloween is a fun time for everyone, especially children who get to dress up in their favourite fantasy costumes, eat yummy treats and carve pumpkins as part of the celebrations.

At Escapade, we love dressing up and having fun, but we take safety very seriously.

Despite being a joyous and frivolous time, Halloween can be high time for accidents so we encourage you to consider safety.

27 Oct 2014

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5 Halloween Party Food Ideas

Time to put on the chef’s hat, sharpen the knives and put a little bite back into the seasonal spread. Not all nibbles at your Halloween party need be on the neck, so take a look at our Guest Blogger’s suggestions for nasty nutrition…

09 Sep 2014

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5 Reasons To Love Autumn

Chase away those S.A.D. blues with our handy Top 5 list of things that make us feel up when the leaves are heading down. Isn’t time you got yourself a nice warm Superman cloak for the party season?

19 Oct 2010

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12 days until Halloween fancy dress – Caramel apple packs make great gifts

You may have the children's treat bags ready for your Halloween fancy dress party, but have you considered giving something to adult guests as a cheap but sweet memento?

If you haven't and you want to, how about a little package that will enable them to make caramel apples?

The Crafting Chicks recommend these as something that will be inexpensive to do but will make a big impact, as well as providing a fun activity for couples to do either on the night or later on at home.

Brooke said that all you need is some apples, a package of caramels

09 Aug 2010

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Given Halloween fancy dress any thought yet?

Not that we’re trying to rush 2010 to a close, but it’s the time of year when you might want to be giving your Halloween fancy dress costumes some thought.

There’s often a mad rush for outfits come the end of September, so if you plan ahead now, you might stand a chance of not being dressed the same as everyone else at that October 31st party.

If you want to look as scary as possible and frighten the living daylights out of your mates as they bob for apples, an evil leprechaun fancy dress costume could be a great