04 Feb 2011

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Karen Gillan dons pirate fancy dress for Doctor Who

Karen Gillan has been spotted wearing pirate fancy dress as she filmed scenes for a new episode of Doctor Who.

The 23-year-old – who plays the Time Lord's assistant Amy Pond – donned a swashbuckling outfit on location in Cornwall to film for series six of the popular BBC programme.

It appeared as though a host of seadogs had taken her and the Doctor hostage in the story, but Amy manages to break free and swing across the set, which happens to be a huge wooden ship.

From the action going on, the cutlass-brandishing assistant appears to save the day

11 Oct 2010

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Johnny Depp visits London school in pirates fancy dress

Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has made the wishes of a little girl from London come true after visiting her school in pirates fancy dress.

The actor made a surprise visit to the Meridian primary school in Greenwich kitted out as his iconic character Captain Jack Sparrow, while taking a break from filming the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides, at the Royal Naval College.

Depp put in an appearance after receiving a letter from nine-year-old Beatrice Delap, a student of the school, who had written to the star asking for Captain Jack's help in staging a mutiny against the teachers.

During a

24 Aug 2010

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Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress makes for an interesting wedding

A bride and groom created a wedding to remember recently, when they tied the knot in Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress and a French revolution costume.

Elliot 'Elmo' McDonough and his new wife Angela are moving to Saudi Arabia, but realised it would make life difficult if they were cohabiting due to local laws, the Liverpool Echo reports.

So, they decided to get married in a secret ceremony in costume, attended by the likes of Popeye, SpongeBob SquarePants and best man Vicky Pollard.

However, the most impressive

03 Aug 2010

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Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress forms part of Leeds Museum display

Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress is among the costumes forming part of a new display at Leeds City Museum.

The Heroes and Heroines exhibition showcases some of the most memorable costumes ever to grace film and television, including the swashbuckling outfit worn by Orlando Bloom.

Colin Firth’s gentlemanly rigout from Pride and Prejudice may bring back memories for some of his fans, while Renee Zellwegger’s 1920s flapper fancy

02 Jun 2010

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Megan Fox to don sexy Pirates of the Caribbean costume?

Rumour has it that Hollywood hottie Megan Fox could be set to don a Pirates of the Caribbean costume soon.

According to various reports, producers of the popular franchise are keen to sign up the Transformers actress to play a part in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Nothing has yet been confirmed by the films’ officials or the lady herself, but fans are already getting excited about the prospect of a new character to liven up proceedings.

It has been suggested that rather than being put in a pirate

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