21 Apr 2011

Thor star Tom Hiddleston: My dad didn’t approve of my acting

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He is to grace cinema screens all over the UK from April 27th 2011 onwards, but Thor actor Tom Hiddleston has revealed his father did not want him to become an actor.

He plays Loki, Thor's evil brother in the Marvel comics movie adaptation, but told the Scottish Daily Record that his dad James was not keen on him pursuing this kind of career when he first mentioned it as a 13-year-old.

"We had arguments about me doing something as insubstantial as acting," he

21 Apr 2011

Walkers claim to have found dead alien in Siberia

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A video which two walkers claim shows the body of a dead alien has become an internet sensation among believers and sceptics alike.

The men insist they were walking in the Siberian region of Irkutsk when they stumbled upon their find, which is around two feet tall with a skinny body and big head.

Part of the so-called alien's leg is missing and it also has other bodily traumas, suggesting a potential reason for its death – if it was ever really

20 Apr 2011

Star Wars-style planet ‘might be able to support life’

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When George Lucas dreamt up the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars, he probably wasn't thinking about whether or not it would really be able to support life.

However, he may have been more scientifically correct than he realised, according to Jack O'Malley, a PhD student at the University of St Andrews.

He has carried out research and found that a planet with two or more suns may indeed be able to house life, as there would be multiple energy sources to drive

20 Apr 2011

Robert Pattinson: Filming end of Twilight was an anticlimax

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Teen favourite Robert Pattinson has revealed that the last ever scenes for the movie versions of Twilight are over and done with – and that he found it a bit of an anticlimax.

The actor told US chat show Live With Regis and Kelly that he is actually relieved it is all finished as it was a little like school.

"It was a very long shoot – eight months – and it was hard by the end of it. I think everyone was like 'get me out!'," he commented.


19 Apr 2011

Brits Zumba their way to fitness with gaming fun

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British people seem to be shunning the gym and Zumba-ing their way to fitness instead, if new figures are anything to go by.

The computer game Zumba Fitness has now earned its third week at the top of the UK games charts, with sales for the Xbox Kinect version up by 14 per cent in the past week.

However, the Wii remains the most popular way to Zumba, accounting for 90 per cent of all Zumba Fitness sales.

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