03 Aug 2011

Plans underway to turn house into Peter Pan-themed children’s centre

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Plans are afoot to turn what was once a stately home into a centre for children's literature based on the Peter Pan story.

JM Barrie's childhood pal Stuart Gordon lived at Mont Brae in Dumfries and the author regularly went there after school to play with his friends, something he wrote about later in life.

It is thought the garden and their games of pirate battles inspired the story about a little boy who never grew up.

The house fell into disrepair, but the

02 Aug 2011

Orlando Bloom to keep Three Musketeers fancy dress

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Orlando Bloom has revealed he intends to keep the historical fancy dress he wears in the new Three Musketeers movie.

The actor told ContactMusic.com that he enjoyed wearing his character's costumes and really embraced the sporting of skirts and other items.

He commented: "The boots are staying and the costumes, too. That's definitely a fancy dress outfit one day down the line – probably for my son."

Bloom has a baby son with model Miranda Kerr, so it

02 Aug 2011

Harrison Ford fights with Chewbacca

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Harrison Ford may come across as gruff and awkward in interviews, but he has shown he has a great sense of humour by taking part in a sketch for a US TV show.

A scene opened for the Jimmy Kimmel Live programme that showed the 69-year-old actor apparently getting his makeup done while talking on his mobile about a possible movie called Air Force One Two.

However, his face turns stony as a familiar face appears in the doorway – his old Star Wars pal Chewbacca.


01 Aug 2011

Dog caught on video playing dead with pal

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A dog has been caught on video by its owner in a remarkable display of canine amateur dramatics.

The pooch, who is called Rosie, was first shown in the clip running around madly in a park and trying to get another dog to join in.

However, her pal isn't too keen and instead mock-bites Rosie on the neck in a display of annoyance.

Dramatic Rosie then goes stock still and collapses to the ground in a heap, with her legs sticking out for extra realism.

She stays that way

01 Aug 2011

Police smash car window to rescue doll

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Police in Nottinghamshire were left red-faced recently, after smashing a car window to rescue a baby – only to find it was actually a doll.

Chanel Cristofis, five, had received the Reborn toy for her birthday and would leave it in her dad's car while she went to school and he went to work at a local chippy.

However, one particularly hot day, a passerby noticed the incredibly lifelike doll in the back of the Vauxhall and panicked, thinking it was a real child that could

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