22 Oct 2010

Angry Birds to wear Halloween fancy dress

Fans of the game Angry Birds may be pleased to know that a new version in which they wear Halloween fancy dress has been created.

Publisher Rovio has released a Halloween edition of the title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which sees the fowl transported to a haunted backdrop complete with scary music, ghosts and other assorted ghouls.

There are also pumpkins to be smashed instead of the usual green pigs.

"Every aspect of the game has been recreated in the spirit of Halloween, so expect new spooky theme music, hair-raising graphical themes

21 Oct 2010

10 days until Halloween fancy dress – Save money and decorate your own candles

We're always being told to save money at the moment, so why not create your own decorations for your Halloween fancy dress party?

Although you may want to buy some things to ensure you have plenty of time for other preparations, some pieces can be made really easily and cheaply.

For example, don't splash out on costly coloured tea-lights – alter plain ones to suit any occasion.

Stamping Mathilda states that all you need for this is some tissue paper, some Tim Holtz Distress Inks (available online from places like The Stamp Man and Artist

20 Oct 2010

Saw 3D ‘is as fun as usual’

Anyone who goes along to watch the new Saw film in Halloween fancy dress is sure to find the movie as gory as the rest of them.

Costas Mandylor told the Press Association at the Scream Awards 2010 that fans of the franchise are in for a treat when Saw 3D comes out at the end of this month.

"It was a little bit different because of the 3D aspect … but everybody gets killed as usual," he laughed.

New Saw actor Sean Patrick Flanery added that he loves the 3D element, as it allows viewers to stand in the rooms with the characters and

20 Oct 2010

11 days until Halloween fancy dress – Bling up your pumpkins

Despite it still being quite a while until your Halloween fancy dress party, there is still a way to get involved with some pumpkin crafts if your kids are mithering you and want to get cracking already.

You can't yet do the traditional pumpkin carving to place a tealight inside, as the vegetable will have gone off by October 31st. However, what you can do is bling up some smaller ones.

Design guru Martha Stewart recommends creating some small decorative pumpkins that can be used around the home and will last for ages.

First, you will need a

20 Oct 2010

Will your Halloween fancy dress party guests be put off by ghouls?

Anyone who has invited people around for a Halloween fancy dress party may wish to check first if they are afraid of things that go bump in the night.

According to a new survey by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, 57 per cent of people would be put off a house if they discovered it was haunted.

With 13 per cent of homeowners saying they believe their property does actually have a ghost, this could result in quite a few partygoers being prompted to leave their pals' houses in a hurry this October 31st!

However, a more brave 46 per cent said they

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