07 Oct 2010

Harry Hill mocks up The X Factor in fun fancy dress

Harry Hill has been celebrating the return of TV Burp by mocking up the X Factor in fun fancy dress.

The funnyman returns to our screens on Saturday (October 9th 2010) and he posed for a series of photographs in TV Times dressed up as both Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell.

"I had great fun with Simon. But it was a little bit strange dressing up as Cheryl," Harry revealed.

He joked that he felt very powerful with his Simon Cowell fancy dress on,

06 Oct 2010

Schoolgirls celebrate nationalities with fun fancy dress

Schoolgirls in Fareham have been learning about nationalities different to their own through the use of food and fun fancy dress.

As part of the recent European Languages Day, pupils of Wykeham House School were invited to dress up in flags and other costumes and to learn about other cultures and celebrate their own identity.

They spent September 24th 2010 eating Swedish meatballs, Italian cannelloni and French croissants and took part in lots of fun competitions, as well as learning a few words in other languages.

Headmistress Lynn Clarke told the

05 Oct 2010

Russell Brand: Katy and I wear fun fancy dress as a disguise

Fun fancy dress helps Russell Brand and Katy Perry go out in public together when they don’t want to be recognised.

The funnyman said at the launch of his new autobiography My Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal that they have a tried and tested disguise to ensure they stay incognito – old lady fancy dress.

“I put on some specs, then I bend over like an old man and go out with Katy holding a cane and we dodder around like a couple of bag

01 Oct 2010

Comedy Legend Pops Into Escapade

The Escapade shop was buzzing with excitement as a British comic iconic browsed their aisles in the Camden Superstore.

29 Sep 2010

Jaime Winstone: I am massively into fun fancy dress

Hot on the heels of revealing she has a fun fancy dress room at home, Jaime Winstone has now admitted to being a little bit obsessed with it at parties.

Earlier this month, the actress told the Daily Star she and housemate Daisy Lowe have a special dressing-up space in their house ready for whenever they want to have a party.

Now, she has said in an interview with the Herald Scotland that she loves taking her costumes outside of the home they share too.

"I have always been massively into fancy dress, which I think links in with the performer in me.

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