31 May 2011

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Cheeky meerkats develop a thing for ladies’ feet

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Meerkats at a new themed enclosure at Longleat Safari Park have proved to be very curious indeed about humans – especially if they have their feet on show.

People can walk among the tiny creatures in the Jungle Kingdom attraction, which mimics their natural environment as closely as possible.

However, the meerkats absolutely love people's toes, particularly when they display brightly-coloured nail polish.

They clamber all over the visitors in question and even have a cheeky

27 May 2011

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Jeffery Deaver brings Bond into the 21st century

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Fans of James Bond are sure to be getting their teeth into the newest book this week, after it was released by Jeffery Deaver in a hail of publicity.

The serial killer thriller author took to the streets of London in a red Bentley and was handed the first copy of Carte Blanche by a man who had abseiled from a nearby building.

Deaver, who is one of a series of established authors to continue the Bond saga, is the first to have set the action in his novel firmly in the 21st

26 May 2011

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Guitars and big hair aplenty as Rock of Ages begins shooting

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Florida has been invaded by big hair and eyeliner as Rock of Ages begins shooting – and that's just on the men!

Although the famous musical is set in Hollywood, the southern part of the Sunshine State is to be used as the set for the new movie version, with filming getting underway earlier this month.

The aptly-named Hollywood Beach will become Venice Beach, North Miami Avenue is to masquerade as the Sunset Strip and producers have even put up a pretend Hollywood sign so

26 May 2011

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People tapping their palms may not be crackers – they could be texting

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If you worry that you look mad when using a hands-free kit for your mobile phone and appear as though you're talking to yourself, then wait until you see the latest development in technology.

Researchers at Germany's Potsdam University have created a way of allowing people to use their palm as a touchscreen for their phone – without the user even having to get their device out of their pocket.

It would use a motion-sensitive camera like the Xbox Kinect and has been dubbed the

25 May 2011

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X-Men: First Class was influenced by Bond films, director reveals

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X-Men fans watching the new prequel First Class may not spot any James Bond costumes among the mutant outfits sported in the movie, but the suave spy was one of the influences behind it.

This is according to its director Matthew Vaughn, who said he was determined to bring in some of the aspects of the Bond films in order to create the perfect setting.

"I watched all the early Bond movies again. You Only Live Twice I watched a couple of times. I really wanted it to feel

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